Insightful Visionaries: Defining Our Success

The Mission of every member on our team is to give back by sharing our time and expertise with the under-served members of  the disabled, blind and visually impaired community.  While we acknowledge that technology has made significant advancements toward leveling the playing field, we believe that it will always be important to reach out and personally deliver the message of hope, and access to resources, We help with mobility, building self esteem, social interaction and involvement and sometimes just an ear and a kind word is the work we are purpose to do. Our team of professionals bring a broad range of expertise and several have personal experiences that allow them to serve our community with an true understanding of their needs and concerns. They come from medical backgrounds, health and beauty, community service, marketing, advertising, They are stakeholders and are committed to the success of our organization and its mission.

Carolyn Marshall Covington

 Executive Director 


         Jaisun G. McMillian

 Marketing  and Production  


         Gerri McCray

     Project Specialist

      South Carolina

Steve Murphy

Project Specialist

North Carolina

Evonne Mendietta


Anna Crooms

Project Cheer

         Stephanie Jones

     Administrative Coordinator

      Victor Stone


         Vanessa Jones

                 Project Manager             Virginia

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