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Carolyn Marshall Covington

Inspirational Advocate:
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Carolyn Marshall Covington Receives Distinguished Award for Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, WRAL Television award outstanding role models from the community  for making a difference in the lives of the under-served,  Carolyn Marshall Covington was selected for her services as an advocate for people with disabilities. As a blind and visually impaired person herself, Carolyn has dedicated her time, energy and resources to help others.

Carolyn is a Beauty Industry Leader, business professional and humanitarian, who in spite of a vision impairment knows exactly what she wants and what she is purposed to do. Her strength is in her story . . . a powerful  compelling story.

Carolyn is a powerful, influential voice. She has spoken at numerous schools, conferences, special events, and churches across the country, and has developed programs that promote total wellness from all viewpoints.  

Carolyn shared an inspirational story with the Governor Morehead School for the Blind during A WRAL News Segment:

NACI Story – Positive Attitude

There was a wonderful lady who had adopted two identical German Shepard dogs that sat in the front yard guarding the house.  One day when I shook the gate to get her attention, the dogs stood up and I noticed one had four legs and the other only had three.  I asked what were their names and she replied the one with four legs is Hagar a Biblical name and the oone with three legs is Naci and his name is a message, “Can Naci do everything like Hagar?” She answered, “yes and somethings better.”  I went inside and saw their name plaques on the wall above their food bowls. I kept spelling NACI NACI and then it flashed backward and revealed the message.  NACI was I CAN spelled backwards.  She said, my child, God has made us all Uniquely different Awesome, Amazing and more than Able.