Insightful Visionaries hosted the 2017 3rd Annual National Blind Idol Singing Competition Semi-Finals in Raleigh, NC. June 3, 2017..  Founder of Insightful Visionaries,  Carolyn Marshall Covington, was committed to the program’s success. In collaboration with other organizations, like RLCB, IFB, Triangle Radio Reading Service, The Governor Morehead School, and other stakeholders in the  blind and visually impaired community, Contestants from all over the country got the message and came to compete at Raleigh’s Renaissance North Hills Hotel on June 3, 2017.

Accepting the challenge of hosting the 2017 Blind Idol Semi-Finals event was an easy decision. My love for music was a perfect catalyst to support the dreams of so many in my new under-served community. The Insightful Visionaries team recognized it as an opportunity to showcase talents and work with the community to increase the awareness of the blind and visually impaired.“ – Carolyn Marshall Covington.

Carolyn’s  journey to become The “Blind Beauty Visionary” began In 2000, Life Happened, She was diagnosed with a devastating degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). For over 30 years prior, she had been busy building a successful enterprise in the beauty industry. The devastating disease severely restricted her peripheral vision and eventually, may case total blindness. Carolyn was determined to push forward. She finally reached a point where accepting her future prospects became a reality. Finally, in 2015, Carolyn closed her last spa and chose to deal with her diminishing eye sight. Self-discovery soon revealed what God’s next plan for her life would be. In time, Carolyn’s new challenges were revealed as opportunities to share her experiences for the benefit of others. It would lead her to recognize the revelations as Divine intervention that would inspire the creation of Insightful Visionaries.

The 2018 Eastern Regional Semi-finals, will be sponsored again by Insightful Visionaries and held at the historic Carolina Theater in Durham, NC, on June 16, with a reception from 4pm – 6pm followed by Showtime from 6pm – 8pm.


How to enter: Submit a video or mp3 audio file of you singing a song or portion of one song of your choice, not to exceed two minutes in length either online or by mail. All submissions must arrive between February 12, 2018 and 5:00 PM EST on March 30, 2018.

Competition selection process: Twenty (20) semi-finalists, chosen by IFB Solutions staff from the recorded submissions, will be notified by April 16, 2018 that they are invited to one of two (2) live semi-final auditions; one in Little Rock, Arkansas on June 2, 2018 and one in Durham, North Carolina on June 16, 2018. Semi-finalists will perform at whichever location is closest to their home address by mileage.

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