Finding Inspiration Within the BVI Community

With all of the attention given daily to unsettling news there is a significant need to shine a light on positive people and stories for example on what people are doing for the Blind and Visually Impaired community (BVI), because unless we are seeking the information, we may not hear about it.  Carolyn Covington, the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the BVI community, is just one advocate who is working towards shedding light on and empowering those who want to embrace life regardless of their visual circumstances. Another example is the 16-year-old blind piano and organ prodigy, Matthew Whitaker who has been compared to the illustrious Stevie Wonder. There are many inspirational people who happen to be blind or visually impaired doing great things for their community, and deserve to be recognized.

With the dream of becoming a hair stylist and traveling the world, Carolyn Covington finally reached her goal by having a successful career in the beauty industry,co-owner – consultant in  over twenty salons and spas. Although this may sound like the end of her story, it is undoubtedly only the beginning. In 2000, Covington was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Those with RP may or may not become completely blind. While this news was difficult to accept, Carolyn brilliantly took the lemons life handed her and made an abundance of lemonade by founding Insightful Visionaries, Inc. Insightful Visionaries’ purpose is to “build the self-esteem and skills of the blind and visually impaired, along with their immediate family members, so that they can maintain an independent lifestyle…”. Currently, Insightful Visionaries is partnering with Industries for the Blind andRaleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind to put on the 3rd Annual National Blind Idol Semi Finals on June 3, 2017It is moving to see how far Covington has come and there are no limits to where she will go.

One of the most dazzling sights to see is witnessing someone do what they were born to do. That’s why it was so special watching Michael Jordan play basketball or hearing Whitney Houston sing. The same feelings arise watching Matthew Whitaker play the piano. Talented is an understatement, because Whitaker is gifted, and he makes playing look effortless. When Whitaker was 9-years-old he taught himself to play the Hammond B3 organ, and in four short years he became the youngest artist to be endorsed by Hammond in its 80+ year history. Recently, Matthew made an appearance playing on the world famous, Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He is great because he works hard at his craft, and that sentiment can be felt by anyone, but should especially be inspirational to the BVI community.

Seeing what others are doing in the BVI community, may have you wondering what you, or someone you know overcoming visual impairments could accomplish, and what sorts of resources are available. Insightful Visionaries is a great place to offering support, encouragement and assistance to enhance you and your loved one’s lives. Allow Carolyn Covington’s story and Matthew Whitaker’s talent to be proof that nothing is impossible. You can be great regardless of your circumstances.

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