Visionary Honors Awards

Carolyn Marshall Covington, Executive Director, and Steve Murphy, N.C. Project Specialist    Director, Visions Resource Lounge

Donations generated through the “Legends” benefit Concert. The Insightful Visionaries team recognizes the great people who support the community. The Visionary Honors event was introduced in 2017 when Insightful Visionaries hosted the National Blind Talent Semi-finals.

Insightful Visionaries has worked to help provide opportunities for the Blind/Visually impaired community in Arts & Entertainment. The organization  celebrates those who support the determination of the blind and visually impaired, to overcome life-changing circumstances and maintain a productive and fruitful life.

The Rising Starz Showcase

The Rising Starz Showcase grew out of the National Blind Talent Competition  a yearly event that for the past four years has come to mean so much to many in the blind and visually impaired community. It is a national singing competition that celebrates the musical talents of individuals who are legally blind, representing a broad range of music genre.

The Legends Concert

Insightful Visionaries  believes that through socialization activities and artistic expression it can help to build self-esteem and provide access to equal opportunities in arts and entertainment and career development, as a part of building a stronger, more productive community.


The Visions Resources Lounge

Insightful Visionaries, founded by Carolyn Marshall Covington, hosts the Annual Visionary Honors Awards. The event includes an Awards Dinner, Visions Resource Lounge and after dinner entertainment.

Visions Lounge Project Manager Steve Murphy, a retired DSB division services for the blind employee, has collaborated with industry leaders, vendors and support organizations. He successfully organized the 2017-2018 Visions Resource Lounge
events. Insightful Visionaries, offers an opportunity to Discover and Explore the many resources for the Blind and Low Vision community.